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D E S I G N   E N Q U I R I E S

I’m always open to new design opportunities and love hearing about the great projects you’re working on. Please provide as much information as possible about the project so we can get into the creative stuff nice and easily.

P U B L I C    S P E A K I N G

I work closely with non-profit organisations in their youth programmes as pro bono, however I’m often invited to conferences, organisations and schools to give talks and conduct workshops. Recently, I’ve worked alongside the BBC, Telefonica & BT in some of their community programmes.

B U S I N E S S   R E L A T I O N S

With an immediate network reach of around half a million people, I use social media heavily to promote projects I’m involved in and products that I love and that my audience can relate to. I’m open to brand partnerships so if there’s something you feel would be a good fit, I’m all ears.

Watch – Behind The Design

I create with a purpose, with a vision, with a focus on making users love the products they use. Peek into my world and the process I go through when creating a design piece. This particular video shares an insight into the Laugh Out Loud Network Design Concept I recently launched.

The design piece went onto become #1 Most Viewed UI/UX Project on Behance within the first week of it’s launch.