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Omar Choudhry

Podcast: The Story Behind Instagram

Normally on my way to meetings or generally travelling I spend a few minutes before driving searching through the Podcasts App on my iPhone to find something that will tickle my brain and give me that speck of knowledge that I can carry with me...

Omar Choudhry

3 Productivity Tools That Will Change Your Life Today

Day after day we're all faced with the challenges of being productive - knowing what to do, when to do it and whether or not it's a valuable use of our time. For me, being productive is about building momentum early in the day with...

Omar Choudhry

Things Have Changed

Over the last few months, A LOT has changed in both my life and career. 2 months ago I was a single, young lad living at my Mum's home enjoying the luxuries of finding my socks washed and put back on my bed, hot meals...

Omar Choudhry

Why Age Doesn’t Matter, Attitude Does

Firstly, thank you all for the response and feedback on my previous article 'The ‘No Excuse’ Challenge – 5 Ways To Start Changing Your Life Today' - I received some lovely messages and little tips and tricks that some of you are already doing that I...

Omar Choudhry

Visit To An Islamic School in London

I believe that in order to change the general perception of young muslims around the world, we have a responsibility to lead by example. It was an honour being invited to this Islamic school in London today where my younger brother Faisal Choudhry & I spoke...